Member Site Email Verification


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Attention Internet Explorer 9/10 users!  We’ve had reports of problems registering related to a “reCaptcha” text verification issue, whereas IE9 and IE10 users were experiencing an error in trying to begin the registration process.  This is an IE 9 reCaptcha compatibility issue that can be corrected be turning on “Compatibility Mode” in your IE 9 Browser.  To enable “Compatibility Mode” in your IE9 or IE10 browser you must click the “Compatibility Mode” mode icon in the browser’s address bar.

The “Compatibility Mode” icon is contained within the red box below:

2013-05-16 21_53_28-Member Site Email Verification _ Saugus Football

When enabled the “Compatibility Mode” icon will turn blue. This will correct the reCaptcha validation errors that IE 9 and IE 10 users may be experiencing.