Athletic Training News and Updates

Hello everyone, My name is Molly Herrera and I am the Athletic Trainer at Saugus High School. I have not had the chance to meet many of you so I wanted to give you a brief description of what I do and the responsibilities I have taking care of your student athletes.

The Hart School district has partnered with Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital to put Athletic Trainers (ATC) in every high school in SCV. In case you are not exactly sure what I do here is a brief description:

Athletic Trainers are nationally certified health care providers who are skilled in clinical diagnosis, immediate/emergency care, rehabilitation, and return-to-play decisions.

I am responsible for every sport here on campus. Right now I am mostly covering football because the high incidence of injury and contact related injuries. When your student athletes were injured in the past they either went to a doctor or sat out of practice. If an injury happens I would need to see that certain athlete, perform my own evaluation and then decide whether to refer him to a MD or your primary care physician. Obviously feel free to take him to the doctor if you need to! The purpose of having me here is not only to help diagnose athletic injuries but also save you money being spent on taking your child to see a doctor if they really do not need to. If I can get your child started on some rehab here at school or on the sideline during practice then that will happen.

If your student athlete goes to see a doctor for an injury I need a copy of the doctor’s note describing what the injury is and if there is time off from the sport or any exercise modifications. If your student athlete goes to the doctor and does not provide me a note clearing him to play then I cannot let him practice.

In regards to concussions there are certain steps we have to take. If your student athlete sustains a concussion during practice/games I will perform an evaluation and notify you of what needs to happen next. You can take him to your primary care physician or I can recommend a specific doctor for you depending on your health insurance. After the initial visit to the doctor I will monitor his symptoms and once he is 24 hours without symptoms we start a return to play protocol. Once he has completed this he will have to follow up with a doctor (I will send my notes with him to the doctor). Once the doctor has cleared him to play only then can he resume full activity.

I know this has been a lot of information but if you have any questions please feel free to contact me! I am here first and foremost to take care of your kids so if you have any concerns please bring them to my attention. I have a list of doctors that I know and trust with Facey, Kaiser, SCOI, and Henry Mayo. If you would like a recommendation on who to see I would gladly give you their information.


Molly Herrera,
ATC Athletic Trainer
Saugus High School
Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
Office: (661) 297-3900 x3601
[email protected]