Sebastian Dallaire moved from wideout to QB to help his team this season.


VALENCIA — Saugus quarterback Sebastian Dallaire’s first pass against Camarillo resulted in a touchdown. AJ Goodman caught the pass to complete the 37-yard play.

It’s a position Dallaire wasn’t likely to be in prior to this season. Centurions coach Jason Bornn called Friday night’s 10-7 win a team victory, and Dallaire is a prime example of a team player.

The senior moved from wide receiver to quarterback at the start of the season. Furthermore, he played hockey most of his life and picked up a football his freshman year.

“Coming into this season,” Dallaire said. “We didn’t really have a quarterback spot and they threw me back there and they believed in me. Everyone on the team believed in me and I just rode with it.”

The coaching staff was drawn to his ability to throw the ball as well as his overall athleticism. He works on his speed with Olympic track and field gold medalist Denean Hill on his speed, which has helped him execute a run play when he needs to.

Camarillo had speed, too. Twenty seconds after Dallaire’s first touchdown, the Scorpions’ Brandon Contreras ran a scorching 65 yards to even the score with seven minutes and 30 seconds on the clock.

It was the first time the Centurions (3-0) had been scored on in their first three games, but it was enough motivation for Saugus to put a stop to any further scoring.

Camarillo (1-1) recovered their own punt late in the second quarter, but the Centurions defense held strong. The Scorpions eked out enough yards to reach the 16-yard line, but three incomplete passes forced a field goal situation, which Camarillo couldn’t capitalize on.

Braden Salazer scored Saugus’ go-ahead field goal with under three minutes in the third quarter.

Camarillo was driving with under four minutes to go in the game, but Cody Collier recovered a fumble to get Saugus one last possession to finish the game.

“It’s all gas, no brakes. That’s the mentality,” Coach Jason Bornn said. “They have bought in, hook line and sinker, to our philosophy. And it’s a simple one. Just get your butt to the ball.”

Contreras stirred up trouble on defense, too, when he intercepted a Dallaire pass early in the game. But the support for Dallaire didn’t waver.

“He’s had about two months of quarterback in his entire career, so we think he’s doing all right,” Bornn said. “We felt that he could handle it and he could do it. And he’s demonstrated that tonight.”